What We Grow

Pasture raised chickens

Pasture raised turkeys

Grassfed lamb

Grassfed pork

Pasture raised and free range eggs

Organic, farm fresh fruits and veggies (limited)



Fun video about our turkeys


Available now

Pasture raised eggs 

  • We are on a waiting list for eggs. Contact Patricia to get signed up.  $5 a dozen

Orders for turkey and chicken 2023/2024

Chicken is sold out. Get on the list for 2024 by contacting Patricia

  • We have only a limited number of turkeys left. Contact Patricia to get one for your Christmas feast.

Accepting  deposits for pork 

  • Piglets are expected any day. If you interested in a feeder pig please reserve them early – they go fast.
  • Hog shares are available just contact Patricia to setup the details.

Accepting  deposits for lamb (2024)

  • Lamb is available early 2024. It is very popular so make sure to get on the list so you can have this wonderful lamb for your 2024 table.