•   Free-Range
     •   Fed a Vegetarian Diet
     •   Gluten-Free
     •   No Antibiotics EVER
     •   No Preservatives
     •   No Added Hormones

We raise free-range, broad breasted white and bronze turkeys. Our Free-Range turkeys are raised on healthful non-GMO grains and allowed to roam over several acres. Their high-protein diet provides the optimal amount of nutrients for the turkey to grow into bigger and more flavorful turkeys than those typically found at the supermarket. 

To enjoy one of our free-range Turkeys for Thanksgiving, we recommend  placing your order as soon as possible. The number we raise depends on the orders we receive.


Our pigs eat a varied diet of pasture,  and non-GMO grain. Coupled with exercise, sunshine, and plenty of room, this creates superior pork. These farming practices produce meat that is more flavorful and more nutritionally dense than the conventionally raised products. Eating lots of plants, rather than grain alone, increases the omega 3 content of the fat, and lard from pigs that have been exposed to sunlight is high in vitamin D.

     •   Free-Range
     •   No Antibiotics EVER
     •   No Preservatives
     •   No Added Hormones


Our grass-fed  lamb has a mild, complex flavor. Our sheep live their whole lives on pasture, eating grass and broad leafed plants.

We raise our sheep on pasture, moving them often. This makes them comfortable around us while giving them fresh grass and a new area to explore. Because we raise hair sheep, meaning they shed their fleece each spring, our flock does not have to be sheared, which can be stressful for everyone involved.

Farm fresh -free range Eggs 

Our chickens eat grass, bugs and non-GMO feed which makes the eggs rich and delicious. These girls are living the good life and you can taste and see the difference. Eggs are available year round.


$5 a dozen

Fryer Chicken 

Free-range, grass fed

Available seasonally, our meat birds are fed non-GMO feed on pasture and housed in portable shelters that are moved daily. These three practices make for delicious, meaty chicken with wonderful flavor. When on pasture, birds supplement their feed intake with fresh greens and bugs, both of which are good for their overall health and consequently the health of the humans who eventually eat those birds. 

$4 a pound



Fresh fruit and veggies


We practice organic gardening and offer seasonal tomatoes, veggies, apples, cherries, and other fruits.